The computer will catch suddenly frequently, or will start or the closure

The computer like this, will look for a repair to make frequently for a long time, also has not done well
Therefore asks everybody to help
The CPU temperature was high ha”? Ventilator clean Was poisoned, or was the radiation question, could be in the engine case the dust are too many.The common situation is the cpu hyperpyrexia stemming from the protection goal automatic shut-off
The suggestion cleans the ventilator rich words to be possible to buy a specialized radiator The rewiring system useless words are the hardware incompatible and so on questions 1 examination radiation question CPU, the card ventilator dust are too obviously many or is the ventilator has not installed the good 2 motherboard question is generally the electric capacity storm thick liquid supplies power the unstable 3 hard disks to have the bad road 4 power source questions together these many to look The rewiring system may solve the toxicant problem, but will frequently start or the closure, that will want the computer dresser to overhaul, `will trade the hardware ‘.Can’t this who also reach an agreement, you look….

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