The computer starting had the problem, now asks the fellow masters to help!

Our family’s computer now starting, any procedure is normal, but my McAfee demonstration has the significant threat, does not stop jumps out, jumps out (, when I open IE time).Moreover the present procedure has not responded frequently, the reflection is slow.Moreover felt that computer’s page has traded, I also do not talk clearly, everybody help has a look

Now under duty fence is the gray, looks like WINDOWS XP very much 98
Before under duty fence is the three-dimensional blue color

Everybody help, must be quick!!! Good words, awarded marks Question supplement:Our family with fashionable clothing 360 security bodyguards, but the present all swept the virus not to be able to use, the fellow chivalrous people helped!

Suggested that installs the green free version 360 cleaning up wooden horse trash cleaning up evil intention plug-in unit we the forum to have the green free special-purpose version
Downloading address:

Solves the question share joyful vegetable elder brother vegetable younger sister study computer Q crowd:57126802
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Spatial website: Reference: Has the attire to kill the poisonous software..Cannot be the hoodlum software!!!! In the building really does smiles, said obviously has installed the wheat coffee

Enters the safe mode, cleans up the assistant with Windows to clean up
Restarts kills the poison The virus, the wooden horse, perhaps has been attacked by others, suggested that kills the poisonous software you to promote, perhaps installs a firewall (for example:arp firewall).From




~ In your loom also has other virus, possibly is the machine dog, 360 could not kill.You must install first kill the tool to kill the poison specially, downloads the machine dog/disk driver /AV end matter to kill the tool specially

After killing, you most use to kill poisonously (rise level to kill the poison comprehensively first) under the safe mode, before killing the poison, a tool–Folder option – examination–Demonstrated completely that kills again, does decides

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