The computer screen how will be why black `to know that said “will thank

Sometimes my computer “opened “to exit frequently `to close the screen “
And so on when ““in opens time “`most recent several second “is bright “
But several second “has been also black “but `screen Deng is `is bright “
Wants `to be possible “`to go in completely according to “several talent “`only then not black “
What’s all this about “?
Knew “said “thanks “
Listens to the voice, probably is the foreigner who just studied Chinese The monitor teletron got older, the time is not long also calculates normally, anything cannot manage it Reference: Your monitor has asked that raised the computer not to buy is very long The monitor wiring possibly has becomes less crowded, or is the monitor pressed key has the question If the liquid crystal screen time has had such question common liquid crystal screen life is 3 years steadily
2 year time easy to crash my friend’s computer such finally to send to repair

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