The computer minute does not divide the men and women

I faint, I am the first time heard!
The computer does not certainly divide the men and women? Minute, what the man uses is the mother

What the woman uses is male Then you must ask computer ~~~=.= The friend, you do smiles!!??? (*^__^*) hee hee ……This question asks well, in the future will produce business to develop one batch to this direction, possibly may also catch up with the tidal current.Also makes the female student special area on the Internet bar Looks at this question the formulation ……As if is one has the thought computer to ask the humanity ……
Oh ……
Collapse ……You said the meaning worked
Actually the female student does not suit handles computer’s matter for a long time
Is the officer is the line, hits the typing, the word documents
The eye socket wrinkles obvious rise moreover not the easy staying up late gentleman to write the procedure to want to stay up late generally to work overtime

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Male uses the mother
Female uses male!!!

Matches plays is only then happy! Is willing the fate, I not to hear does not divide

Said that does not divide definitely does not understand

Certainly male uses with mother’s mother male not to be uncertain

Now the homosexuality legalized, male with male is not incorrect, looked that you have liked!!!

How to differentiate the male and female:

Pounds with a hammer looked that knew Shouted that several beautiful women stand nearby the computer to look the computer halted, has halted definitely is male, if has belched smoke the estimate is female……

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