The computer does not have sometimes means send a plane

Just operated the computer was pauses in the middle of the first picture, after was pauses in cd that in two times has gotten up from, succession 2 day of such matter.Looks at the master to direct.Question supplement:In the light drives not to have the compact disc obviously, but paused in boot from cd that has been motionless, sometimes from several times, distinguished sometimes in the first picture the main version’s model distinguishes the CPU model.Also sometimes in windows self-checking time was motionless.Is system’s question or hardware’s question, if why system’s question will present this kind of matter.

What is the prompt? This was most important.Please give starts to where when system’s English prompt Reference: You enter BIOS to change the first start item the hard disk to start, do not choose CD-ROM BLOS is the main version Manufacturer before the sell establishes a procedure in advance for the computer,
The majority in starts computer’s time may enter BLOS according to Delete, but some old computers are uncertain, but starts in him has English prompt, will enter BLOS later to select Advanced BLOS Features with the high and low key to be possible to enter the computer to start the smooth establishment, then through will press on keyboard’s PageUP and PageDown changes the start order Should be system’s question does not have other, put in opens the system plate you to try! If had the response is your system’s matter.

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