The computer disposition question asks the master to help for to look at

Memory:Jin Shidu 1G/800 *2
Obviously card:The shade spreads 8600GT/512M
Hard disk:250G/S ATA
Monitor:LG 222
Motherboard:ONDA NF570
The light drives:LG DVD
Engine case +ATX:Multi-colors
Keyboard mouse:Luo technique luxurious 800
Wants to consult this disposition to be what kind of? Such disposition in Zhejiang and Shandong each need how much money?
In this disposition’s card obviously is not too good, may trade! very good! Might ~~ you also probably trade really words `~ suggested that bought the apple machine to result in ~~ my loom to play 3D in the same old way OK~ compared to yours trash several time of ~ This configuration is very good, basically played suffices
Such price between 4600-4800, is mainly valued probably on the liquid crystal wide screen

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