The computer could not restart

Each time restarted the card to be motionless in the WINDOWS contact surface, needed to close down forcefully captures the power source to insert well only then can restart.Question supplement:I already a rewiring subsystem.It is not good

Thoroughest method:From installs the system Under rewiring system Possibly is the hardware question.
Trades an edition windows to try.Is called the computer teacher to help you to install together systematically.Looked that your Reset string cable inserted, the Reset switch was being good? Only then rewiring system The power source executive program had the problem
The looked corresponds your computer brand power source management driver downloading installment on OK , The question are a little many, you looked when restarting is motionless according to F8, looked possibly enters the safe mode, if may, go in kills intoxicates, easiest to use WINDOS optimizes master under the cleaning up system’s trash document.If could not enter the safe mode, that only could the rewiring be systematic If after pulling out the power source, may start, what possibly tacitly approves is the last correct disposition,
After entering the system, may inspect looked that the systematic error reported acts appropriately to the situation according to the prompt
Cannot start the possibility are many, You looked that can enter the disposition which F8 last time tacitly approves, if not nature.Has recreated on the standard has considered as finished.

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