Summer vacation trades the computer

Has a vacation trades a computer, originally the computer installs, is uncomfortable with this
Trades a brand, wants to buy dell, the association or HP, invites everybody for a reference, wants table model machine
Price about 5000-6000 Question supplement:Recommends several machine models, the performance-to-price ratio is good

The brand will let you not be more uncomfortable.I to you said installs good, brand machine machine price moisture content has most at least 1000 If you buy dell to buy the notebook.
the dell service is quite good.The price is inexpensive.
HP also good.Is expensive.
The association did not need to consider.Associates IBM to be alright.(association) Yang day A4800

Processor Intel ? PDC E2200 processor
Operating system legal copy Windows Vista? Home Premium simplified form Chinese version operating system
Memory 1GB DDRII
Hard disk 160GB SATA2/7200 rotational speed
Indicator integration high performance obviously card
The light drives SATA DVD
Monitor 19 inch wide screen liquid-crystal display
Network card integration milliardfold network card
Expansion slot 2PCI+1PCI Express x1+1PCI Express x16
Keyboard high-end commerce keyboard
Motherboard INTEL945GC
Sound card integration
Power source 200W
Engine case 391 (long) ×133 (wide) ×345 (high) MM
After I/O connection 1 string +1 and +6USB connection (2 first 4), +2 group of Audio+2PS/2
Modelling structure ATX engine case
Mouse USB optical mouse
The stochastic software raises the day to apply the 07A version (for Vista)
The service policy three years maintain limitedly and visit

Product price:? 5,999 This year young Bai only then buys the brand machine..
5999 arrive at the machine with the integrated obviously card, the 1G memory, I did not know really what the brand machine except does flicker also meets You might arrive at the Eastern shopping to have a look.
There many were the sign is also good.Said that young Bai only then buys the brand machine absolutely is young Bai

I am walk from the brand machine to the compatible machine to the brand machine

You buy HP, now not good said to you, because and so on will possibly have a vacation possibly to dispose the price to have the change!

HP Pavilion s3408cn
Processor AMD Athlon64 X2 BE-2350(2.1G)
Hard disk type 250G SATA2 hard disk
Obviously card nVIDIA GeForce 8400GS 128M
Hard disk type SATA2 hard disk
Memory capacity 2G
Hard disk parameter 7200 revolutions
Hard disk capacity 250GB
The light drives 16X the DVD light to drive
Reads the card built-, 15 gather 1 reads the card
Wireless communication built-in blue tooth adapter
Monitor 22 ‘ wide screen liquid crystal
Engine case vertical
Exterior connection built-in PMD slot
Keyboard/mouse wireless keyboard mouse
Other appendix remote control


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