Somebody on facebook copied my friends name and picture, and used it in a different profile! What to do?

First off, you should probably tell your friend if they don’t already know. This type of situation makes me think of the show Catfish, actually. If this situation is out of your hands, as well as your friends’, you should both consider trying to contact the help center/support on Facebook and have the profile shut down.

Go to Help Center > Report Something

Under “Report A Violation”, there is an option that explains reporting a fake account. Follow the instructions from there! I wish you two the best pf luck!

Tell your friend to report him to Facebook help center and to make his account private. I am sorry about your friend that just sucks but you can’t really do anything about it because you don’t know who it is. But you could edit hishis name and make it personal like Sean Smith( The real Sean Smith) something like that so people know it is the real him. Also never accept friend request you don’t know because they just like they did to your friend only want to be friends for your pictures and personal info.

another reason I don’t use social sites or display any personal info. Sry but I could see from early on back when ‘myspace’ was popular.. that it’s too easy to see friends of friends of friends and cut and paste anything you want.

I know you won’t give me the best answer, but the sad thing is, once your pictures are, or ever have been on the web for any length of time, they are there forever. There is no way to know if someone doesn’t have personal copies. It’s essentially identity theft and just make sure your friend is aware of every ounce of info they put out there.

Somebody did this to me once and told everybody that I was the fake! I would message them and tell them to take it off ASAP.

tell your friend about it, and tell your friend to report it to facebook as impersonating them

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