Seeking help—Recording not sound (new loom)

I was this month have purchased a kludge.The motherboard is the technique fine 945, after computer business installs, in volume control’s sound recording with mixes the sound to be able to be the ash, and the strip cannot move up and down, afterward from rewiring the system, the high and low strip has been possible to transfer finally, but could not record the sound firmly, looked at the system sound card to actuate also to install, the wheat also did not have the question (I to try on other looms is good) my sound card is Redltek HD Audio Input, when I inserted the wheat, only could the hear sound, the sound recording be 0, I did not know how is to move is only then good, also worried againIs the hardware has the question, hoped that high personally written by I process, thank,
Has a look at the wheat the establishment, is established Cheng Jingyin, after generally system rewiring, what tacitly approves is the static sound.The attention is the wheat establishment.

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