Rainbow 6 Weijiasi and the computer master helps

Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz
3.06GHz, 1.00 GB memories (I am two 512) the physical address expansion
Obviously the card is seven rainbow 8600GT
As soon as I go, in LONDING there had inside “`on the card to have the sound does not have the image has been LONDING there “`I sees others’ disposition to be possible to play “not to know that my this how “`game’s disposition has requested me to look up has also conformed to “not to know was how “`to ask eldest brother eldest sister to help “`
CPU was rushes to 4 “`binuclear “not to be able to play is melancholy “` Question supplement:What my obviously card obviously saves is 256 “`motherboards is technique fine 81915 ME is my memory insufficient oh “`I uses 1.5G the memory to be possible to play `with 1G not good “`, but are others are also 1G may play “motherboard question oh “`

The game is 2D ~~ 8600GT has bumped into plays the unparalleled in the world the time blue screen.Takes including the world official guest is unable to give the answer.Suggested that you trade the obviously card actuation… Or plays the website to have a look to provide obviously the card actuation

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