Pioneer DVR-116CH, can not burn CD's 8GB

The 80 core cable, the new version of NERO, memory, hard disk space and more than enough, say, burning more than half of the failure of the recording, the CD-ROM folder, there are a few good things GB, but you can not open,

8G, in support of 4.7GDVD up to CD-ROM.TU, the current general CD-ROM for 4.7G, 8G, of course, can not be carved up.This situation is only 2 separate carved.En en en en en know the Pioneer burner, Ha ha, I used a lot of brands, is the worst, I now use the vanguard of this, more than half a year, three times OZ, or the total bad moment, it is necessary to I would buy another, then buy the BENQ BenQ, Sony's not as though engraved plate is not bad but very slow speed, I do not know other people also do not recommend a good brand?

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