Opening/closes the NumberLock key to have the strange sound, the numeric keypad is not easy to use

Recently has installed the system, when actuates after the keyboard installs, discovery, a click opening

The NumberLock key will send out clearly “the drop”, will click again closes the NumberLock key, the meeting

Sends out “the drop” low and deep, is sends from the engine case, is not the sound box.Moreover regardless of

The NumberLock key opening condition or the off-position, the numeric keypad is not easy to use, cannot split out the character

Comes, ask the fellow masters, what’s all this about…

Supplemented:Before uses the system plate and this time uses to be the same, the keyboard actuates is also same, before does not have

Has this kind of situation occurrence, after has installed the system, has this kind of situation…I use

Is the logical keyboard and the mouse, a set of that kind.

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