My home computer from the USB interface to go into the equipment can not be used

Do not know Since when, my home computer to go into the U ah plate reader what to say what the installation guide, do not have to have in the past, I point to install it, and that can not find the corresponding software is installed, so that Those set U ah what can not be used.But the same things on other computers, automatically installed, to use normal.
, I do not know the answer to that is what a lot of BIOS problems
Please help me understand people unless they
If there is a solution, said details, as if the only other issues, like “BIOS problems,” I do not know how the specific change ah?!

Marked 2.0 drivers may bring their own windows of the usb device driver is missing.Can download a universal U disk driver 19kb, the installation of a test Test.

Http:// take a look at the systems are not equipped with a good drive there, and then take a look inside the BIOS did not open the USB drive to install usb.Installed an Internet search on line all the nonsense you what! ! ! They do not have to change the system have been set up! ! !
USB interface problems, it should be more than one interface, try another.In addition to the chassis of the panel USB interface, the rear of the board have 2 or 4, I think you may be used in front of the chassis And then there is likely to be those of your usb interface devices for a long time due to the use of contact is not good, you need to wipe this is a great possibility.

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