My computer sound has not had, how to manage?

Just played the evil spirit beastly world time also has, but several hours later did not discover the sound suddenly, moreover, the computer good thought that the mute has resembled, including sang in a loud voice, did not have the sound of something astir.The sound is easy to use
Actuated the sound card to destroy virulently, from installed the sound card to actuate to try Does the double click volume’s icon, adjusts inside looks attractively have the sound, if also if no, that wanted the rewiring sound card to actuate.Loads to actuate, do not download again.Chooses the installment actuation from the tabulation.Chooses the sound card from the equipment supervisor, has deleted the driver, if in the increase delete program had the sound card actuated also to delete, started the computer, majority of sound card windous might install in system’s actuation automatically, like this should be able to be good 1:The actuation question looks in the equipment supervisor to have does not have the decadent exclamation mark
2:Hardware question for instance sound card breakdown
3:The sound closed itself to study
4:The ear question is helpless

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