My computer must degauss? H 68.6 KHZ V 84.9 HZ

H 68.6 KHZ
V 84.9 HZ
Whether the monitor does need to degauss with refurbishing rate has nothing to do with.So long as the need, transfers the degaussing function in the CRT establishment menu then.This is your monitor’s line frequency and the field repetition rate
Is the light gun wonderful scanning number of lines and the screen number, does not have the direct relation with the degaussing
The degaussing to lengthens the CRT screen life to have the advantage..If is the monitor color deterioration only then must degauss When you record personally or the television and so on have the machine which and your monitor following barrel magnetism radiates are away from are too near, possibly will affect yours demonstration effect, at this time you will need the prompt degaussing.

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