My computer displays the performance is what kind of

The match raises 2.8 CPU black Jin’gang two 400 512 memory 915 motherboard 80G the hard disk double sensitive 9800 cards obviously to ask how the display the performance didn’t know what is how can the matter card very be obviously very hot quickly may boil the egg was the card is obviously bad
It is estimated that is the heat conduction silicon fat matter, processes as soon as possible.Adds a small fan on the radiator fin.Generally obviously in the card has small fan’s power source connection, if does not have, will then have a power source connection nearby motherboard’s VGA slot.Obviously the card calorific capacity is always unusual big.Is only inferior to CPU.This does not use the worry but actually.However if your card obviously really hot exceptionally.That might probably probably be careful.Did not know that your card obviously does not have ventilator anything.If radiates passively.Looked attractively.On was radiator’s floating dust a little many.

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