My computer D, E in the F plate presented the System Volume Information document

Outside the C plate has this document, 1G are probably many, cannot delete.Is the virus? How to process?
Inside it saves is the restore information generally, should be able to erase It is not the virus
Is the system file usually is the hideaway
If you look that uncomfortable may hide it The building main possibly is not too understands to this folder.Is all right, I look select the material you to have a look first.Has the understanding to this.You understood.Do not worry

System Volume Information
*, “System Volume Information” folder’s analysis
System Volume the Information folder is a hideaway system folder, “the system returns to original state ” the tool to use this folder to save its information and the return to original state spot.In your computer’s each district has System Volume the Information folder.“System Volume Information” the folder, Chinese name may translate is “the system volume sign information”.In this folder is saving the backup information which the system returns to original state.
*, “the system returns to original state” and the merit
“the system returns to original state” is Windows one of XP most practical functions, it uses “the snapshot” under way record system in special time status messages, is also so-called “the return to original state spot”, then in the time which needs according to these information returns to original state.The return to original state spot divides into two kinds:One kind is the system automatic foundation, including system set point and installment return to original state spot; Another kind is user according to needs to found, also calls the manual return to original state spot.In Windows in the XP system, we may “the system return to original state” the function using system bringing, through to a return to original state establishment, records us the change which does to the system, when the system presents the breakdown, the use system returns to original state the merit to be able the system recovery before the change condition.
*, how to use “the system to return to original state”
1st, opening “system return to original state”
The mouse strikes “my computer” right, the choice “the attribute”/“the system returns to original state” the option card, guaranteed that “closes the system on all drivers to return to original state” the reelection frame not to select, guaranteed again “needs to return to original state the district” is at “the surveillance” the condition.
2nd, foundation return to original state spot
What here needs to explain:When the foundation system returns to original state must guarantee that has the enough hard disk usable space, otherwise possibly causes to found the defeat.Establishes a many return to original state method with on.
3rd, restores the return to original state spot
Opens “the system return to original state guide”, the choice “restores my computer to early time”, the click “the next step”, after choosing the good date, is returning to original state again with the guide then.
What needs to pay attention:Because after restoring a return to original state, system automatic to start, therefore before operating, suggested that everybody withdrawal current movement all procedures, will prevent the important document loss
*, “System Volume Information” the folder produces question and solution
1st, spatial insufficient question:Along with user use system time’s increase, the return to original state spot will be getting more and more, causes the hard disk space to be getting fewer and fewer, finally must warn that “the floppy disk space will be insufficient”.
2nd, viral protective umbrella (security problem):Because in the NTFS district this table of contents only then the SYSTEM jurisdiction, causes to kill the poisonous software not to have jurisdiction Zha Sha to hide in this table of contents virus.
3rd, viral protective umbrella (security problem) solution:Impediment “System Volume Information” folder’s automatic production.(up to now nobody can achieve)
4th, governs solution which the table does not effect a permanent cure:May turn on the control panel “the system attribute” – – “the system to return to original state” in the option card to select “closes the system returns to original state the reelection frame on all drivers”.

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