Local area network current capacity question

West our local area network on 5 looms, usually is east the main engine does.It is not looked that the movie downloads the thing.Harms our card awfully…
I got down P2P.to start fortunately.Afterward he discovered that the router is attacked, starts also to think is the virus.Takes away repairs! The result is all right.Afterward discovered that I use P2P.Each time his router is attacked pulls out my mesh wire.!!!

What software has to be possible to control the current capacity, but was not discovered? I 4 compatriots who suffers injury for our thank your ~~~!!!
Some words here minute adds 100 points again!!!
The network patron god, you want the words I give you, has one week the free use right, you may the backup registry, a week return to original state first a registry.Directed net current capacity, only if can carry on the current capacity establishment in the router end (home use level router generally support), belongs to the active threat on any computer with the software control current capacity.The active threat can definitely examine easily
Therefore this kind of matter, should better be with the language peaceful settlement, calls he downloads to limit own upload speed, or in nobody surfer time downloads again, such network condition can good many.Does not want, because this kind of minor matter noisy not happy oh ~ Has a look at them to use any downloading tool, if is Thunderclap or the express train, opened in inside the downloading rate limitation for how many K how many K,4 Taiwan machine machine 50K like this may, this method was quite simple.Really bothersome, why can you control others current capacity, you are not the management do not make do.Dislikes your this kind of person ip – goup I also have this question, but I was the landlord have a boarder he always not to understand online am opening am renewing me to let him do not open these him in the peak saying that possibly was my loom has affected the net slowly fast
I was read computer specialized me to irritate by his this illiterate person.May realize your desire with the P2P end matter.But I not too suggest the use, a little is dirty

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