Last night, when I run, I remembered the girl.

She is my junior school, classmate.One day when i go home.She drive a bike behind me.Just after my side, she pulled her face.Then smiled and said to me:You walk very straight.Originally, she followed me for a long time.At that time, but I don’t have any feeling.
After graduation, I worked in a pharmaceutical factory.One day suddenly received a phone call.Is the sound of She’s voice.She asked me to find a job for her.At that time,She was at home, and I was in another city.I thought we were just ordinary friends.Then i refused her.Many years ago,When i remember this Scene.I finally understand she wanted to find a boyfriend.
But my mom used to remind me not to find suburban girl like her.In fact, I was relatively dull.At that time i’m have not any special favor for Her.Until One day, my elder sister told me she had get married.For a moment, I feel some loss.I understand, I finally grew up.Wish her happiness.

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