Japanese character input method

Question supplement:Left side is the water radical water, right side is the ruler, I knew that this is the Japanese character, who uses the Japanese character input method to hit this character, thanks!!!!

SOGOU soft keyboard A right key chooses the establishment in the input method icon, increases in the dialog box center point, chose Japanese in the input language, the keyboard layout default to be possible, then determination The simple spot trades an input method, with intelligent ABC, according to V presses again first 4, with presses V and 5 is the livestock unknown character again.Water radical ruler
Three feet are equal to one meter.? the ~~~ who said that this is the Japanese character? ~~~~ is a Chinese character! ~~~~

Is migrates character ~~~ which Japan’s Chinese Han people create, therefore ~~, regardless of this character including “?” the character is called in there ~~~ in Japanese ~~~ this it Chinese character ~~~~

(I used visual purple Pinyin) with the Pinyin to infiltrate ze to have ~~~~ with to select character unison ~~~

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