I am passed by trash net limit p2p

When these day of Thunderclap downloads on the dog dog’s movie, just started to connect the flash speed to be very high, but 2, 3 seconds later has descended immediately fall, then has been 0 or the number in the units place, under me the thing is the popular resources.Moreover speed for number in the units place time, so long as suspends starting again, the instantaneous speed is also very high, but will descend fall immediately.
I have tried the super tornado, is the same with Thunderclap, basically does not have the speed.
But carries on the http downloading speed with this different tool from the website to be normal.
Which person of high skill can give explained that I am passed by the net limit p2p? (does not have local area network)
If may determine, I must hit 10060 open scolded! Already endured to be very long! Question supplement:I knew that some are the resources matters, but the premise is under me is quite popular, the candidate resources are over a hundred, moreover is impossible at the same time me under several resources not to be good.As soon as and I am hang one day, the impossible each time section not to have the good resources

Must say that is the net fast matter, I the speed relaxed may achieve more than 200 K from website high and low software anything (my 2M band width)

Also had is Thunderclap just started in the connection the speed was may, for instance at the same time the next 3 movies, the duty just started the speed to be possible to achieve 50-60K, but continued several second latter three speed to start at the same time the linear decrease, until was 0 or the number in the units place, I thought that this was not the resources matter.

Is words all downloading could such, Thunderclap many resources like this… The best examination method is with Thunderclap or the tornado right hand seat connection speed may MP3 looked that the speed is the net which and you hand over spends the match, if the disparity is big, did not have the words saying that telephoned to scold.
I study in the school.In the family the family member has used 1M, in I am not at when the home the net fast has 512K.Telephoned only then to come back, did not understand that these people have the quality not to have.? The suggestion examined that own TCP/IP connection patch hit has not had, has not gotten is trying! News thunder resources matter This is the Thunderclap edition low question probably.Promotes to try! Whether your system has been poisoned, I have had your similar instance, but, does not know you.

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