How with friend family’s computer on-line?

My family is a table model computer, can access the net.I want with my friend’s notebook on-line, may? (myself computer idiot, if asks idiot question please to contain) his family’s notebook not to be able to access the net.If energy, please tell us the law (should better not to need to buy any thing again).Thanks! Question supplement:The regret, asks again:What thing has does not need to buy the method? Is must go shopping? Thanks!

Also, how does the router use?

Must buy the router not to buy the router
Have not thought!!!!!!!! On-line plays the game? With vast side Two machines moreover must start wireless with same IP, if has the blue tooth to operate the blue tooth First he must be able to access the net, then you might connect.
He may apply for adsl then to insert the mesh wire, or manages the motion network.This must pass or the telecommunication relation with the local net In building idiot not? Said that the notebook could not access the net · · the entire simpleton · · ·

With has tried with road intersection mesh wire · · I the notebook and the notebook company does not have the question · · and table model Lian You

A time has not succeeded you to be possible to try

Or was buys a route or the switchboard · · If you do not want to buy the router really
You use the double network card
Makes the server the computer
Writes down may access the net originally Reference: ??? What are you on-line want to do???? Why can’t your friend’s notebook access the net? /??? Must buy the router.How in the router instruction booklet will teach you to use.As soon as guarantees intelligent you to look understands, remembered that must buy two mesh wires

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