How to trade the computer tabletop background?

After I have traded, is always very fuzzy.Schoolmate said that is any resolution is not right.Does not understand .SOS to dig `!
You trade resolution 1024X768 414 Makes a big chart to exchange, the time which searches for searches for the big chart or wallpaper ~~ Right chose the attribute on the tabletop to be possible healthily the background which and the resolution elected you in inside to want to be 1024*768 generally Strikes the attribute right in the tabletop, could establish Looks at your computer display monitor size, if is the wallpaper which wide screen looks corresponds, like 1280*800, possible 1280*1024 to be quite suitable you The picture resolution must be close with the monitor resolution size, moreover attention proportion, otherwise after stretching, possibly creates the distortion of image ~~ Is located in 1024*768 the resolution! Background:The right key > the tabletop > chooses the picture (not to attempt looks for chart to, right key establishes tabletop paper wall) > to stretch, the even shop, to come between! Adjusts itself to like! Clicks on the right key -> attribute -> label on the tabletop to click on “the tabletop” -> the picture which chooses you in the background to like to do for yours tabletop background, may also from define your tabletop.Is the resolution question, generally the Pu screen’s computer is 1024X768, 800X600, was good with the same size’s image!
Or the change to come between!

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