How to become youtube famous?

“Getting famous” is kind of random. It depend on what happens to catch the attention of viewers. You really have no control over what viewers decide to watch. About the best you can do is not make derivative videos (videos that a thousand other YouTubers are posting). The videos that catch on and create a wave of viewers are new, fresh, different. They are not the same old thing made by a different person. They can be about the same subject but with energy and creative editing, something added or something taken away. We’ve all seen pictures of hot air balloons but when we see one shaped like a guitar, it catches our eyes and we really look at it. The same idea applies to videos. There are a gazillion gaming videos but how many combine gaming and skate boarding or gaming and rebuilding an engine? I’d like to see a gaming video where the “bad guys” are My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Pikachu and the Twinkle Bright Fairies.

Now, all this advice assumes that you’re filling up the tag box to over-flowing. Those tags are what direct people to your channel. If you skip typing in tags, you’re not getting views by people who search. If you’re not very good thinking up synonyms and “creative” words, find someone who is. The more tags you give your videos the more times they are going to show up in searches and in the lists that appear along the side of videos people watch.

Andrew is kidding you.

I hate it when people say stuff like that.

There’s a setting to promote your videos.

Don’t forget to promote yourself on other sites (Twitter, instagram, facebook, yahoo, and other good sites. I say a minimum of 5)

Make better videos.

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