How the PDF document’s in thing transformation is the WORD document

If the topic, I want the PDF document in thing transformation to be in the WORD document content, facilitates the printing, on-line has inquired, and downloads uses the PDF software package 14 to gather 1 mile PDF to transfer WORD, but has not succeeded, demonstrated the transformation to finish, but has not transformed the successful document, in preserved under the way not to be able to look, asked the master to help me to explain, or told me other methods PDF the file conversion WORD method, thanked, the score delivered
The first step:Uses the PDF document which first Adobe Reader opens wants to transform, then the choice “the document -> printing” the menu, will open “the printing” in the window “the printer” in the fence “the name” to establish as “Microsoft Office Document Image Writer”, after the confirmation, this PDF document output will be the MDI form hypothesized print file.
Note:If has not found “Microsoft Office Document Image Writer” the item, uses Office 2003 to install in the compact disc “the increase/to delete the module” update install this module, selects Office tool Microsoft the DRAW switch.
The second step:Moves Microsoft Office Document Imaging, and opens the MDI document which using it preserved a moment ago, the choice “the tool -> the text transmits Word” the menu, in springs in the window selects “when the output maintains the picture format is invariable”, confirmed, the system will prompt “must before carrying out this operation roll back OCR.This possible need some time”, no matter it, confirmation then.
Note:Transfers DOC to PDF the recognition rate is not specially perfect, I have tested, may achieve above 90%! The scanning may also transform! After the transformation, will lose the original typesetting form, after therefore transformation, also will need the handwork to carry on the typesetting and the proofreading work to it.
Above only in word2003 experimental, other editions are not very clear, may try.Reference: Under recommendation building main test ScanSoft PDF Converter for Microsoft Word, very easy seat of honor

Here may see the explanation and the downloading address Good, in the building explains is very clear, must first use Microsoft Office Document Image Writer this hypothesized to print pdf other one kind of form the document to carry on again the transformation

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