How is the computer consumes the least electricity

Recently the voltage was not too steady
Voltage not steady attire UPS
Must play the computer not to want to consume the electricity the matter, or played is not being feeling well! The computer does not use time switches off,
When on-hook uses the dormancy pattern,
Little uses the exterior USB product, for example the USB dust arrester, outside sets the hard disk (needs when only then installs), because these USB product very much consumes electricity!
Goes out when the screen also certainly must close, because the screen colored electricity is also many! Once had the friend to open the screen to exit (not to adjust screen protection), one month later the electrical bill turns on when the air conditioning the electrical bill is also more expensive than!!

In the screen guarantees speaks in the program to establish ” the power source “, the establishment ” closes the monitoring device “, establishes the time again! Even if goes out forgets to close, also several minute later black screens! The electrical bill can reduce ~~~ relatively

This is the matter which we can do!
Little plays computer this me not saying that did not have the meaning!

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