How is my computer sound not just a matter

Raises reaches the NF520TS motherboard integration sound card
Who any hasn’t EQ established to know that the sound is very why thick Question supplement:I meant that the ear wheat sound is not right

Buys newly computer only then one month

Sound card question, or again under actuation sound card · Has a look at the sound card sound effect establishment, establishes does not have The computer has the power source ventilator, CPU the ventilator, some motherboards have the ventilator, obviously the card has the ventilator.Listens is that ventilator’s question carefully.
Reference that you also too did not have the morals! Despise!
Oh! That is your sound card or the ear wheat question pulls.The ear wheat question’s words, have not had a look at the sound card, installs the actuation first.Must not be again good, possibly was bad Should be the ear wheat question

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