How does the upright computer promote the memory??

My family computer is the uprightness which 05 year in June buys…The disposition is rushes 43.0..Memory 256..The hard disk 80 fly over the v310 series.Main engine S/N DAF4097562.Wants to promote the memory, what should buy? Individual comparison vegetable, my this computer memory inserts with actuates?? Also uses to make the system?
The DDR 400 memories may use.

The memory installment is very simple, switches off the power source, inserts the memory, did decides.Does not need to actuate and the rewiring system.CPU is also good
You must promote words
You do down your that memory
Attained buys the memory the place he to know
Will give you that match
However the memory promotes now words
Paramount consideration 1G
You buy single scroll 1G the independence to use
Do not use that 256
Such do not manage any model
You might sell as for that 256 memories it or give the friend
Because you have bought the 1G words
Inserts this again 256 also does not have any effect
1G general idea more than 130

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