Helps me to look that I buy inside computer’s four small dishes to do anything to use

My computer is the Chinese large A8 series…Question supplement:How can you only then look arrives

You send the chart did not demonstrate, because is in the ICQ space.You look should demonstrate that others looked did not demonstrate, because chart on your computer! · You duplicated the address in the IE address fence to be able to look

Is only I did not know that the plate does anything The picture does not look….But affirmed that inside has an actuation small dish Passes to the network photo album to send again
Should be drives the shifting plate because according to yours situation Did not look that the picture, I guessed should be a system backup plate, a motherboard actuates, one is installs the software, one is a handout First is the Chinese large DVD stochastic compact disc.Second is the DVD rely on science and education to rejuvenate the nation’s compact disc.Third is Hua Shuo drives the shifting plate.Fourth is the Chinese large VISTA legal copy system plate.1.Hua Shuo media related software
PowerDirector–The might leads is a set manufactures CD, the DVD movie work complete solution, may let the user carry on gathering, the edition, the menu manufacture, and the fever records the movie work in DVD, VCD, SVCD and the MiniDVD compact disc, with ease picks up the phantom and the editor movie, meanwhile has the unique compact disc manufacture demon
MediaShow–The charm four shoot has the most simple easy to understand operation contact surface, the pure digital picture, the movie and the writing will add put together
2.Nero–The compact disc engraves records the software hardware’s driver’s restoration compact disc 4th, 3rd is quite important.The easiest to use compact disc bag protects, in order to avoid scratches.

First, Hua Shuo media edition manufacture plate.

2nd, NERO Germany established brand rely on science and education to rejuvenate the nation software, OEM version’s V7.9.old edition.Now on-line has update Hua Jun software garden Nero Burning ROM b official traditional version 2008-6-2 111860 194653KB

Description:This is the disc fever which a German Corporation produces records the procedure, supports the length of text filename to burn the record, also supports ATAPI(IDE) the disc fever to record machine, may burn records many kinds of types the disc pieces, is a quite good disc fever records the procedure.Starts Nero from this edition to support the DVD plate to engrave the record comprehensively.Brand-new edition! Uses Nero to be possible to let you manufacture your exclusive CD and DVD by the relaxed fast way.What no matter you are must burn record is material CD, the sound… hardware’s driver
4.on computer’s restoration compact disc search compact disc “recoveryDVD asustek” the inscription found the result was the subject:[asked a question] my light to carve the function to lose?! Publishes the article
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Ask after why my W7S does fill again, disc’s machine light carved the function to lose?! Before just bought also has sends to repair may use, my Nero 7 Premium may the normal light vulture.Couple of days ago I again filled after RecoveryDVD, could not use!
From Nero Infotool, is unable to cancel chooses the Lightscribe option; Establishes by chance inside from CoverDesigner, the preinstall light carves the fever to record machine also does not have the option to be possible to choose.

Why can like this?
My disc machine demonstration HL-DT-ST GSA-T20L Mitsumi CD-Rom Drive, the light will carve the function like this to vanish??

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