Download things go wrong on the issues

Download today when things are always prompt, sysfdader; iexolore.exe, application error
0x025591f0, quoted 0x00000000 instruction memory, the memory can not be read.What does this mean ah, even the Thunder software can not be made, Today, I accidentally deleted the Thunder, prepared under the new time always prompts the above errors, 360 to repair the IE.Kai from the computer and then we can not, or prompt the error.Who knows how to solve ah, to lend a helping hand The maximum additional sub-ah!!

Memory solution can not be read as another method of operation
enter cmd in the command prompt return Importing
for% 1 in (% windir% \ system32 \ *.dll) do regsvr32.exe / s% 1
skills? ?If one is afraid to enter the wrong words, you can copy this command, and then at the command prompt Click the box in the upper left corner of the c:\, following the use of the “Edit – Paste” functionality is not easy to lose the wrong.Geostationary fully in the rapid Scroll, do not hurry to start other programs, such as the first patient for a while, because at this time also dll Looking for the location.Until you flash the lights do not do the other.If the pop-up screen prompts a lot of mistakes, holding down the enter key will be confirmed until all the wrong window disappeared.Restarting your computer.

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