Does the rewiring system have the influence to the computer

The rewiring system is to a hard disk’s time very big read-write, to the hard disk definitely is influential.But after rewiring system, your computer speed will be quick a spot Basically does not have any influence Has not affected! If you did not plan that a computer uses 10 year 20 year,
The hard disk is sufficient! From macroscopic says, does not have the question.
But microscopic, the rewiring needs to lose the light to drive is one
Restores the system to speed up the hard disk reading speed
Heh heh Is influential to the hard disk, the frequent attire system will cause the hard disk permanent bad road to be unable to repair.Wishes your good luck The influence has is small this you to feel relieved that first time hears installs the system to fear affects the hard disk Basic no influence Three years ago I once in 20 days to the rewiring more than 30 times, the computer am not have used well, was the floppy disk had the bad road now, possibly was a little affects.

Suggested that a half year rewiring system one time is quite good (this is pirates, legal copy returned to original state well on use)

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