Does my computer how always restart?

My computer the motherboard just traded couple days ago
The system was also just installed
But why doesn’t know
Just started fortunately
These day of computers always restart.
3 5 minutes restart one time.
Sometimes several hours restart one time
Then the refurbishing time tabletop will catch
Then 10 seconds have been possible
Was tired of do ask how should manage?
Suspected really your CPU ventilator is not transferring ……
I before is also crosses like this
Afterward was the CPU ventilator only transfers several minutes not to strike ……Poison? The software, the hardware are incompatible?
Radiates not well?
Wooden horse or virus? Possibly is the computer radiates not well, inspected radiates the ventilator to go bad, but also had is the air outlet is stopped up by the dust.The computer will be too hot automatically will have restarted generally.If removed the radiation question, that possibly was the hardware compatible question or the system is poisoned! 1st, turns on the engine case to have a look at around motherboard CPU the electric capacity to have the drum or the newspaper thick liquid.
2nd, installs the system to have a look first whether also to have this kind of phenomenon, if also has, possibly is the hard disk has the hardware damage.If solves, possibly was the logical bad road, the standard is good.
However this kind of phenomenon also possibly is the power source power supply insufficiency, power source’s question.

Restarts the reason to be comprehensive automatically
In uses in computer’s process, plays the families to encounter the situation which the system restarts automatically for no reason, actual
On causes the reason which the computer restarts to have many kinds, the hardware aspect’s reason has following several approximately.
1.the power source causes one which of biggest suspicions the system restarts automatically
The inferior power source cannot provide the enough electric quantity, when in system’s equipment increases, power loss fill-out, inferior
The power source outputs the voltage suddenly will reduce, will cause the system work not to be unstable finally, appears restarts automatically
Phenomenon.The voltage fluctuation oversized also has the possibility to cause equipment’s and so on hard disk damages.
2.the memory will have the problem also to cause the system to restart
The memory makes a mistake causes the probability which the system restarts to be relatively big.In elimination certificate of deposit and slot bad contact sentiment
Outside the situation, should suspect that the memory itself has the quality problem.Moreover, establishes too the memory CL value slightly
Also will cause the memory not to be unstable, causes the system to restart automatically.Simple solution:What if uses is
SDRAM, supposes the CL value is 3, what if uses is DDR
The establishment is 2.5.What if with is the VIA chip set’s motherboard, suggested that the closure “the memory interlocks the execution”
Function.Moreover reduces FSB is also a solution, but the system performance will drop many.
3.the network voltage fluctuation oversized will also cause the system to restart
Moreover great merit customers and so on your computer and air conditioning, refrigerator use in common one to insert the forming block the words, in these electricity
Start, will supply computer’s voltage to come under the very tremendous influence, often the performance will be a system
Restarting.The best solution is provides UPS for the computer to supply power specially, pays attention to other electric appliances
Do not receive on again UPS.
4.power point.bad contact
The power point.after using period of time, reed’s elasticity loses slowly, causes between the plug and the reed
The bad contact, the resistance change unceasingly, the electric current along with it fluctuation, the system will be very naturally unstable, once electricity
The class could not achieve the systems operation the lowest request, the computer restarts.The solution, the purchase quality goes through a strategic pass
Good plug.
5.time systems operation hyperpyrexia
Whether this time should inspect CPU the ventilator work on six cylinders, radiates the condition to be whether good.Present’s motherboard
Had through the special control chip examined CPU as well as the system temperature function in BIOS.Like
The fruit discovery hyperpyrexia, should replace the ventilator or increase the ventilator.
6.hardware’s compatible question
Generally causes by the motherboard with in certificate of deposit’s compatibility, but the author also meets obviously the card to cause the system to be unceasing
Restarts the example, after hardware’s on transformation, shields obviously card AGP
4.after the function, this breakdown only then vanishes.Therefore everybody in purchases new fitting’s time, should better be tries to buy again.
7.viral result, like shock-wave virus.1st, several months ago my computer had your this kind of situation, is one kind of new virus!
2nd, if kills poisonously inadequate, had a look is your power source gets older! First confirmed whether the virus, with did kill the poisonous software to look up is good.
If is not, that is the computer system failure establishment has the question.Strikes my computer right, the one-shot attribute, the spot “high-level”, some start and the breakdown restore, the one-shot establishment, some system defeat, below has three reelection frames, “automatic started” in the frame to cancel checks off is good This possibility is the hard disk question, because restarts frequently, majority is the hardware reason, also the card, has the relations frequently with the hard disk, suggested that trades a hard disk to try, if does not have the question is the hard disk question.This situation I knew.
1.please determine that your power source is old (considers power insufficiency) the hardware is incompatible, looked that your description, motherboard’s possibility is quite big.
I already inspected 2 with your situation similar machine.

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