Computer’s question, as far as possible understands computer’s entering, asks you

Selects and purchases the motherboard to pay attention to these main points?
The wooden horse virus has any harm
What former circumstances hard disk, does the former circumstances hard disk have what characteristic?
What does IBM research and develop the new shape chip water cooling technology principle is?
In the future usb3.0 standard?
The motherboard chooses the cardinal principle is, suits your money with the request which certainly disposes
The wooden horse, is lets your computer be stereotypical!
The former circumstances hard disk had not heard that was you misunderstands
The IBM water cooling will not popularize now
USB3.0 has not produced now, suggested that studies good 2.0 first Motherboard:Chooses suitable CPU first, then chooses the corresponding motherboard, the motherboard is all fitting’s parent substance, may not by any means.The very biggest factory work, the heterogeneity power supply, the solid state electric capacity, the ductility will be good, delays promotes conveniently in the future.
Wooden horse:1st, is the thief, steals your thing, if has not played the account number, the bank account number, even ICQ also does not have continually, the such poor person not sees, leave alone it, it came embarrassed to start.2nd, entire becomes the meat chicken yours computer, embarks from the meat chicken harms others.3rd, downloaded pile of virus automatically, the system was finished basically.The third kind of situation most does not have the technique content, is also most shameless.
Therefore not anything too hard disk.
Water cooling technology:The water used makes the refrigerant, with a refrigerator principle.
3.0:The common people can feel is the transmission speed is quick, is not general quick, compares 2.0 to have the qualitative leap.However this is a blueprint, slowly waits, we such are also young.Must first pay attention to motherboard’s model, most importantly looked that motherboard’s work, a big plant is quite good.Main parameter including electric capacity integer, PCB board layer already wiring trend.
The second question, please note the wooden horse and the virus is the different concept, although kills the poisonous software to be able majority to look up kills the wooden horse and the virus.The different wooden horse and the virus the harm are also different to the user.The simple spot said that is the computer slows down, the user account and the cryptographic information are possibly robbed.Appearance with no reason at all are bewildered question.
The solid state hard disk is quite advanced, the load did not have the volume production at present.Said popularly in the structure and present’s ordinary hard disk has the very big difference.The merit is the speed is quick, earthquake resistance ability, the volume is exquisite.
The IBM water cooling technology had not obtained the large-scale application at present.
the usb3.0 standard’s speed also wants quick many times compared to the present hard disk’s transmission speed, at present has not popularized.NB ……..
Solid state hard disk.The solid state electron memory chip array does, at present the capacity is not big, but the speed is quick, the price is high.Motherboard:
The multi-attention motherboard chip set and the extendibility can (score points clear are certainly the Intel platform or the AMD platform), concrete you may arrive at some quite big computer hardware forum to refer, what I compare often go is Zhongguan Village online.
Wooden horse virus:
The wooden horse and the virus are certain people, for some benefit writes, possibly will collect on your computer’s material, if on your computer will have the important for instance bank account password or the ICQ password and so on possibly will be stolen.Either your computer will be regarded the viral dissemination the stopover station, the wooden horse and the virus infects again from the network through yours computer other person’s computer.
The solid state hard disk (should be this):
Actually is also one kind of hard disk, the storage medium and the U plate equally is the flash storage medium.His merit is the storing velocity is quicker than the present mechanical hard disk’s speed, moreover read-write time does not have the noise, has the very good earthquake resistance ability.In brief has with the U plate same merit.The shortcoming is the present unit storage capacity solid state hard disk price is high, moreover the storage capacity was inferior that present’s mechanical hard disk (the present achieves about probably 128GB).
The IBM water cooling may refer to here:
USB3.0 did not have to promote officially now, it is said that will promote in next year.You give regards interesting you to reorganize for a long time question
The motherboard choice coordinates your other dispositions not to be able to discuss mm is the most important attention spot alone
The wooden horse, stole you the account number password to rob your bank password account number you saying that you were any taste
Does the former circumstances hard disk, have the liquid state gaseous state the solid-state source to hear but actually
IBM water cooling little brother no talent
USB3.0 does (*^__^*) wireless hee hee ……

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