Computer opening will close down automatically soon

My computer opens more than 10 minutes later automatically will close down, after the close-down, will not restart, after again starting, will not have this phenomenon, how long hasn’t my computer bought, moreover another colleague and my disposition will be the same, he has not had this problem, will ask the chivalrous person to direct? Question supplement:The above question many does not exist, will be each time the first time starting will have this kind of phenomenon, many thanks support

The power source has the question, trades quickly Makes the system.Also has a look at the power source to have the voltage incorrect question.Please inspect the CUP ventilator to be whether normal.Has traded a CPU ventilator, if also meets, ha-ha, you had bad luck.My dormitory’s motherboard is takes examines D,(*^__^*) hee hee ……, is the CPU ventilator’s question generally, you try, is not good looks for me again These are not the question ask how sold to your computer’s person is a matter.

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