Cannot open the homepage

Could not open the homepage suddenly couple days ago, but may chat ICQ, sometimes sometimes is can open cannot open, my mesh wire is divides from others there, he said that his that side is also this, I on the rewiring system, probably had now felt that his that side does not use the computer, I may open the homepage.Also downloaded the auspicious star to kill the poisonous software to carry on kills the poison comprehensively.Ask that is what question?
I also am the question which presented you to say frequently, you closed Thunderclap the effect to be much better.In one was the net fast question, should better be is applying for an independent number, such net fast was quite quick.Under you go to another browser for instance tt first, if not good on rewiring system Uses the router accesses the net?
If is that kind of situation which you said that he does not need the computer you to be normal, very had the possibility is limited.
It is estimated that was he uses P2P the end matter V3.6 and so on software to limit your current capacity,
You may use 360, opens the 360APR firewall.Might intercept him.Lu You’s question I before was also such asks a master to trade Lu You to be good

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