Can a person know I am creeping on them on Facebook?

I know it is a horrible and creepy thing to creep/stalk a girl on FB, but I still do it for some reason. So the other day I was going back on FB and start typing this girl’s name in the search bar when I notice her name doesn’t pop up anymore! We have two common friends so she should be the first person to pop up when I type her name in. My question is does she know that I am stalking her on FB?!?

There is no way for that girl to know you visited her profile or saw her photos, it is against Facebook’s privacy policy to do that. The only way she could know is if she saw you or someone told her you were constantly visiting her Facebook page. There are ads that say they will let you see who is visiting your page and seeing your photos but those always lead to surveys that never end or downloads that give you viruses.

Yes, she does know, since you keep asking your common friends about her.

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