Can a netbook runs Age Of Empires 2 or Age Of Empires 3?

Are you able to tell me personally in specific answers Thanks a ton in enhance.

Processor chip:Intel atom n450
storage:1 GIGABITE ddr2
Harddrive:250 GB
operating-system:windows experience home
512MB processor chip cache
667MHz processor chip bus
YOU.66GHz processor chip clock velocity
sata storage
inlet chipes visuals detail

No way you’ll be able to play AoE SEVERAL.Even if you possibly could it gets so much lags.AoE A COUPLE OF yes you’ll be able to definitely nevertheless with some minor lags if you ever get an excess of units on screen

Not effectively…gaming isn’t the laptops forte’ these were not beautifully made with it in your mind nor were they eventually left any strategy to be upgraded for it.They undoubtedly are a very transportable internet machine used for basic online browsing as well as on-the-road e-mail access…and that’s virtually it.The only upgrades you can apply is to get more ram…processor in addition to graphics tend to be integrated (not replaceable) on the mobo.

yes yo could run both of them games with the hardware you might have but your Graphics shall be poor when you wanna recover graphics you might want to up a person’s ram, processor and operating-system.

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