Buys computer’s question

Myself want to buy a liquid crystal computer, the price about 4000.The disposition take may play the game as a standard.Is buys the brand good, assembles wonder? If assembles does, what character need the disposition, hoped that can provide some concrete information (motherboard, obviously card and so on) thanks———–Thanks once more!
CPU:Intel cool wisdom 2 binuclear E6600
Obviously card:The shade spreads Geforce the 7900GE bone ash to play the family version
Motherboard:Chinese large P5B E 965 motherboards
Memory:Jin Shidu 512X4=2G
Hard disk:Hopes Czechoslovakia 250G Comes is generally the assembly computer is good, recently red disposition cpu:AMD5000+ motherboard:Fierce-tempered horse HA03-GT obviously card:The shade spreads 8600 evil spirit spirit version.Also has 1 building’s nabs, you are cracking a joke? I also am the assembly computer, but is using well also.Compared to having some brands machine also to use to be suitable.cpu:AMD4000+
Memory 2G.Hard disk:160G.Obviously card:nvidia geforce 7300 gs
Plays the common network game not to have the question.