Buys computer’s question

I in Urumqi.Must buy a Taiwan side loom, this or table model may.I have looked, but the loom have been too many, looks is dazzled.Hoped that everybody helps.Thank!
Moreover, does not know upright good, if trades other sign also to be possible, hoped that everybody can provide some suggestions.
Looked that your meaning should also think the upright cheap disposition also good only then chooses this,
Actually Hua Shuo also good, the god have not thought that Basically the big spot sign is alright, looked that you wanted Taiwan any disposition the computer Buys the association, post-sale good! The vegetable words will most be easy to buy the association (vegetable not to ask this question ^^), post-sale truly good.

The vegetable words certainly do not need to buy the association!!! The uprightness is very bad, the loom is bad, post-sale is worse.The association may, only be the association meets preassemble many things Associates dell acer I to think well
I will consider that acer dell will associate primarily for the time Suggested that buys Dell

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