Best way to make my programming more portable?

MY SPOUSE AND I a newbie programmer studying C in addition to Assembly to buy System development and OS IN THIS HANDSET development.I course on my main PERSONAL COMPUTER with Mid-foot Linux nonetheless I’m n’t invariably able to become on my personal main PERSONAL COMPUTER.I sometimes check out my grandma and grandpa and I am just in graduation so I am not home a good deal.I’m looking for a way kid program anywhere you want to without doing almost anything to the Pcs I’m using(I don’t prefer to install anything on them).My concept was to set up puppy linux using a flash push a put it to use to plan on any time I’m certainly not home although I’m confused if this is the right matter or will there be a less difficult way


The conventional way to obtain around this really is to use a versioning method.A versioning strategy is something of which (one or even more) developers can distribute their program code into for a project.The procedure keeps track of their previous changes so in the event that someone creates a mistake, everything just isn’t lost.Additionally , it helps with tracking straight down exactly when/where insects were loaded:just test several revisions to make sure.I recommend using possibly SVN or perhaps Git.

Repositories has to be online (whether public or not) while you need some way to remotely distribute code.If you can’t turn your own home computer right into a home device that owners your repository, you can use an online type as Yahoo and google Code, SourceForge, or even GitHub.Then again, note that to apply one of them, your project need to be under an amenable source licenses.If neither worth mentioning solutions do the job, you can indeed carry round the source code for a flash commute.

There’s just one last point I would like to generate:you should not need every specific host OS to get building your special.Just you’ll want to write standards-compliant code so that it compiles very good under any kind of compiler (although if your host in addition to target architectures are different or if you are planning on utilizing a different executable track format with your OS, you’ll in truth need any cross-compiler—but you can actually just carry any particular one around on your own flash drive).Then again, use like Cygwin and also MSYS any time under House windows machine (e.f., in order to apply things for instance make, sed, and so the build system).In your grandparents’ pc, you could install a POSIX subsystem like Microsoft’s SUA, as this NT kernel was which is designed to allow you to natively operating UNIX applications, as well as people.


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