Asks the master to help to look what this document is, my computer was poisoned?

Recently my computer, will be bewildered frequently appearance this kind of strange filename was called “______” side to demonstrate size 0kb, the icon does not have that kind of icon which the procedure might open, might also delete falling.But will appear soon, asks the master to help to look my computer was poisoned.In addition, my Shan Du the software is Jinshan, and promotes frequently.
p.s like must look that the concrete this document displays my truncation chart to give you, has thanked ~~
Gives opens the picture good spot.Situation not flattery Jinshan I suggest you to get rid, may consider that the super policeman adds the auspicious star heating power.First your that document’s suffix is anything, also had not said.However will illuminate you to say deletes later also to present that 90% is the virus.May consider that enters the safe mode to kill the poison.

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