Asked that entering which understands about the computer screen’s question

For instance I open west the illusion to tour, is opens the window to operate the entire screen well to be good? Which kind to eye’s injury small? Said the reason simply.Understands the human to come, says randomly crawls the far spot.The question supplemented:.

This basic does not have any difference! You thought to be too many.Looked that your monitor had the big resolution to be high, present’s liquid crystal is opposite too crowded in the screen size some except 19 inch non-width screen’s demonstration resolution.West the window pattern illusion tours, looks that uses energy Arab League, is hard on the eyes very much.
Generally speaking is certainly operates the entire screen to injure small, the eye not easy weary, if you want besides to play the game simultaneously to do several types of matters, accesses the net to look that the news chats anything, that had the window pattern.The window pattern’s time tabletop background is fondest of playing jokes becomes the black, does not have the wallpaper….Has the difference..The entire screen is best..
..Played the game to know frequently..
You may try for one day…
I operate the entire screen to play the deva-eye not to be sore..It is not dry.
But opens the window..Will play goes home the eye to be very dry, has wanted to blink..
Possibly with astigmatism question..Does not understand..
But this enough proved..The entire screen is better than the window You are silly?

If thought that does not injure eye.

That do not play the computer What four buildings is a talent!!! Opens the window pattern maximization…..

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