Ask that what meaning computer’s registry supervisor above thing is?

What above that is??
Asks the chivalrous people to advise!
Asks you to talk clearly a spot, you held responsible above the editor the menu bar to ask the registry above registration value?
The registration value records computer all files, generally revised him, probably revises the thing in the behind to be the same.The building host needs a little to understand to the registry only then may.

With registry related terminology
1st, HKEY:“the root key” or “the principal linkage”, its icon and in the resources supervisor folder’s icon a little resembles.Windows98 divides into the registry six parts, and called that it HKEY_name, it means some handle.
2nd, key (key):It has contained the additional folder and or many values.
3rd, subkey (sub-key):Key which (father key) under appears in some key (sub-key).
4th, branch (branch):All which and contains on behalf of a specific sub-key.A branch may from each registry peak start, but usually uses to explain a key and its all contents.
5th, value entry (value item):Has a name and a value order value.Each key may contain any quantity the value item.Each value item is composed of three parts:Name, data type, data.
6th, string of character (REG_SZ):As the name suggests, a string ASCII code character.Like “Hello World”, is a string writing or the phrase.In the registry, the string of character value uses for to express the document description, hardware’s marking generally and so on.Usually it is composed of the letter and the digit.The registry always demonstrates the string of character in the quotation mark.
7th, binary system (REG_BINARY):If F03D990000BC, does not have the length limit binary value, in the registry editor, the binary data demonstrates by hexadecimal system’s way.
8th, double word (REG_DWORD):From the wording the understanding should be Double Word, double byte value.Is composed of 1-8 hexadecimal system data, we available edit by the hexadecimal system or decimal base’s way.If D1234567.
9th, Default (default value):Each key includes one value item at least, is called the default value (Default), an its always string.

Registry structure
The registry is a complex information database which the Windows programmer constructs, it is multi-level -like.The registry basic structure is the same on the different system.In which complex data will unify in the different way, will thus have an absolute only registry.

The computer disposition and the default user establishment’s registry data is preserved in Winnt under these five documents:


In Win95 all system log-on message preservation in windows under table of contents SYSTEM.DAT document.All hardware establishment and the software information also preserve in this document.It must compared to NT registry document simple many, because of here not need more controls.Win95 by the design is the system which a network’s customer or works alone, therefore the user control or the security rank and NT are dissimilar.This makes the Win95 registry work to be easier than NT, therefore this document is also quite small.

The Win95 user’s registration data is preserved generally under windows table of contents user.dat.If you in control panel|Password|In the user configuration files founds and uses is more than a user the configuration files, each user will have under \ WINDOWS \ Profiles \ username \ USER.DAT its user.dat document.When start, the system will record your debarkation, (the USER.DAT information) will be loaded from your table of contents’s configuration files, uses for maintains your tabletop and the icon.

Hoped that my reply has to you helps ~~ That is quite Yu Ren the registered permanent address file, does not understand the human may not revise casually, otherwise the system or the software became the illegal resident to have problems Just appeared in Microsoft Corporation’s Windows, system’s configuration files mainly use the .INI document the way, like system.ini, win.ini, the configuration files mainly use in helping Windows to the hardware, the software, the user bad boundary as well as the Windows outward appearance carry on the control.In the .INI document includes the clause with the square brackets, is the text document, may carry on directly with the text editor edits and revises the .INI document a shortcoming not to support the clause the nesting, as well as contains the impure text information.Because WIN.INI and the SYSTEM.INI document too slightly has the limit, thus, each procedure’s disposition information writes alone in the independent .INI document comes to the application procedure to carry on the control, with the aim of obtaining more dominations.Along with application procedure increase, system directory .INI document number also sharp growth, to facilitate the centralized management, presented the registry.The initial registry is merely the application procedure and the data file syndetic index document, to the windows 2000, xp time, system’s disposition information shifted in completely the registry, included all 32 operating system and the application procedure function basically, basically gave up the .INI document (for certainly compatible, but may also support the .INI document).

The registry is the central lamination database which in Windows uses, uses in saving is the information which or many users, the application procedure and the hardware equipment disposition system must.The registry contains Windows in movement period quotes unceasingly the information, for example, on each user’s configuration files, the computer install the application procedure as well as each application procedure may found the documents type, the folder and on does the application procedure icon’s attribute list establishment, which hardware the system have as well as is using which ports.
The registry has substituted for Windows 3.x and the MS-DOS configuration files (e.g., Autoexec.bat and Config.sys) use overwhelming majority based on text .ini document.Although several Windows platforms have the registry, but these platform’s registry has some differences.Registry data storage in binary file.
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