Anxious ~~~ computer i question

My computer, plays a game, wants to trade other game, how can the second game be to select does not have the response, why can like this, Question supplement:The memory also has many, so long as has restarted, can play the second game, before cannot.You said how can do

The memory is insufficient The possible that game document to damage Computer performance question The memory cannot obtain the full release, the downloading memory reorganization tool.

Meets when after Windows start large-scale software (for example BT), game, the system reaction very slow situation, this is mainly the Windows memory allocation strategy not positive reason, this memory reorganization tool can cause the system reconstruction memory, causes the system recovery to the normal state. Could hit the virus.As soon as kills intoxicates After sometimes you have closed a procedure,

Inside the advancement the display sequence was still moving

You must go this advancement to be able to play to the termination other Should be the procedure conflict causes! The advancement which did not use all closes to the advancement supervisor in
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