After setting up the family local area network, a computer cannot by other two visits

After the use router sets up the family local area network, three computers may access the net normally.
But after enters on-line neighbor, a computer may visit in addition two, actually cannot by other two visits, demonstrate “……You possibly do not have the jurisdiction use network resource.Please relate with this server’s manager verifies you whether to have the access authority.”Other two computer each other may visit normally.
Looked up the related question on the , introduced the method has used, like “the local security establishment”, removes “the use simple file sharing”, the choice “the company to use does not have the territory network”, the closure network firewall, the installment “the Microsoft network document and printer sharing” “the Microsoft network client side” as well as the TCP/IP agreement ……
Did not know that the question did leave in where, might affirm that the hardware did not have the question.
the guest user has not opened You may alter to computer’s group name ~
I before also has met, altered to a new work team three computer’s work teams will change later in newly built “the establishment family or the small work network” to share on good ~ in “on-line neighbor” in establishment time opens completely may ~

Wishes your good luck ~~ Very few ons-line, Through the movement, could find on other loom’s sharing? Meets?

First, hides “” in the local area network (counter-to use to try, may hideaway)
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Sometimes we do not want to let in local area network’s user examine through on-line neighbor our computer, might hide itself by now through the revision registry method.) u&G.t E U-N

Carries out “regedit” in “the movement” the order, after opening “the registry editor”, launches “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ lanmanserver \ parameters” in turn the branch, then in the right flank window blank click mouse right key, and clicks on “the newly built ?DWORD value” in turn, newly built “new value #1” will name again as “hiden”, finally establishes its value is “1” then.

In addition, we may also in the fence carry out “net config in “the movement” the server /hidden:yes” the order, serves the hideaway purpose.If must open demonstrated that then may carry out “net config the server /hidden:no” order.! n5 \:~ A \ O’}5 \

Second, hideaway “on-line neighbor” T, x0I a C L {*T p v

Through the registry method hideaway “on-line neighbor”, may cause other people to be unable to examine in the network through it other computers.This to the secret high environment, may play the very important role.f/g K (Z L V e&c

Opens “the registry editor”, launches “HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer” in turn the branch, afterward in the right flank window newly built named “NoNetHood” the DWORD sub-key, and establishes this healthy key value is “1”, finally the initialize the system, “on-line neighbor” then vanished again without a trace.

; In Windows under 2000/XP/2003 system, but may also use the command line to complete the hideaway, the one-shot “starts/the movement”,
; In the frame inputs “CMD” in “the movement”, loses “net config under the DOS order prompt line the server /hidden:yes”,
; After ordering the successful, own computer to hide.Must cancel the hideaway, “yes” alters to “no” then!
; Under WIN98, on the mouse right key one-shot tabletop “on-line neighbor”, in the right key menu which springs chooses “the attribute”,
; In the dialog box deletes “the Microsoft network document and printer sharing” in “the attribute”, might realize in the local area network hides own computer to be famous.
; Generally method:On on-line neighbor a right key chooses the `attribute ‘ to use the mouse to strike right again “local connects”, choice attribute,
; In springs in the dialog box hit “the Microsoft network’s document and printer sharing” checks off may.
; Others will not be able to see your computer! “The Qos data packet plan procedure ” may not need to cancel, otherwise you did not look at others’ computer.
; Should better change yours user, in the local area network the user was unable to enter your computer.
; In management tool–Computer management–Local subscriber and group–The user, is forbid Guest, yours Administrator heavy naming then.

Primary hideaway hideaway shared folder

Do not think that adds on the password for the shared folder to be able to assure the security, the Windows crack are being many, on Internet is very easy to download “the password to explain”.If others from on-line neighbor did not look that your shared folder that could be safely many.Must realize this effect spot not to be difficult:Strikes right with the mouse must hide sharing the folder, the click “sharing” the option, fills in shared folder’s name in the sharing name, then adds on US dollar symbol in behind “$”, for example “the shared file $”, refill into the password.If others want to visit your sharing document, must input “\ in the address fence the \ computer name (or is the IP address) the \ shared file $, the carriage return, fills in the password to confirm that can visit your folder.

Hides non-sharing symbol sharing high-level

With the above introduction’s method, others cannot see through on-line neighbor you share folder, but if one day lets him discover that some shared folder existence (is also had on yours computer by shared folder special symbol which shares, below is had a microcheiria to hold, has obvious difference with common folder), but from on-line neighbor actually did not look you share folder, then he will possibly display his enquirying mind, does everything possible the folder which will share you to open.If can symbolize shared folder’s microcheiria removes, lets the shared folder and the ordinary folder is the same, lets others not be able to see it is sharing, that security had the safeguard.Below shares the D plate take the non-sharing symbol to chat the concrete procedure as the example:The first primary magic of making oneself invisible – – hideaway shared folder’s method which introduced from the very beginning using this article establishes the D plate is hideaway sharing, then opens the registry editor, opens “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SoftWare \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Network \ LanMan \ d$” (also to be possible in turn to use registry lookup function direct search principal linkage “d$”).The DWORD value “Flags” the key value by “192” changes “302”, starts Windows to be able to become effective.If must visit, so long as inputs “\ \ computer \ d$” in the address fence, might see D plate sharing the content.By now you will discover, even if in this aircraft’s resources browser could also not see the D plate to share, was very mysterious? Except oneself, but also did some who know that your D plate is sharing?

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