!!! After establishing folder’s accident which others are unable to enter are unable to delete

after “establishes the folder which others are unable to enter are unable to delete “, if draws in identical table of contents’s under random the file or folder the folder which ” establishes to this others to be unable to enter is unable to delete ” in the folder (in f:\ also to have other folders; Also possibly is I establishes folder’s method not to be correct asks the master to point out that I am the mkdir f:\9978 which like this establishes.\ \) can double-click the left key immediately to enter the folder which this ” establishes others to be unable to enter is unable to delete ” in the folder, after refurbishing, will present one to have the same filename folder only will be immediately also the filename has not selected finally, two folders the content same folder size also will be this time same, after refurbishing, may delete optional one, available Delete and the mouse right key will delete, after deleting a folder, refurbishing is only left over a belt that folder again;
Asked that raises is:1.draws in the file or folder, after at will after why can enter this folder .2.why refurbishing, will present two folders .3., when will delete a folder after at will, another folder also demonstrated that for the spatial folder will be precisely 0 bytes.
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You ravel DOS first, this is not invincible.Understands? Cannot understand, looks that thinks the tongue twister! Wanted such function downloading personal Peru plate to be good.The convenience very, in the network everywhere was also explains the version This is in the floppy disk the document management causes chaotic! You must pay attention carefully discovered that the every belt two spots the folders all are unable to delete! If you used floppy disk’s mistake function he to vanish! Why as for uses refurbishing to present one! Is should fall for this folder actually undergoes the regular way establishment! But the filename is illegal! But in WINDOWS is legitimate! But the disk file management mechanism is unable the cloth band two point folder they only to think that is an expansion named.Illegal document!
Helps person forum http://helper.js.cn to welcome you to join Liu Aibiao the computer hardware network website Apparents must have three spots at least, namely “md xxx…\”, as for tows the document to go in has tried, the building host may try… The deletion uses “rmdir” to order

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