After computer rewiring, card

The computer is 01 years buys -.=
Although old, but anything can play
The original Roman all-out war Luo river is wonderful the evil spirit beast to strive for hegemony the empire time to be possible to play normally
I use the rain forest wind the heavy chargging rewiring also not to have what question frequently
But after yesterday used the tomato garden suddenly the rewiring, discovered that any sound card obviously card actuation has not pulled
I make on myself pull the very long time not to do well use the rain forest wind again rewiring to pull a time sound card obviously card actuation am come back to pull the computer to be possible to use to pull
But -.= the game cannot play pulls the special card -.=….Enters game’s time to be also long
Inside card
Moreover looked that the movie sound is especially frequently smooth, but before the picture does not coagulate, – 0.= –
How to manage -.=
Inside the computer any thing optimizes has pulled all tray formatting to pull completely
How still so to manage -.=……..
Said that is obviously the card actuation has not installed
Ask that wants to install any obviously card to actuate my model is RADEON 9100 Family (Microsoft Corporation) on namely inserts namely uses any meaning -.=Intel(R)Celeron(R)CPU2.00GHz
2.00 GHz,768MB

For example inside the evil spirit beast I arrive at all effects most am big and smallest equally am the card difference -.=
You said possibly is able to discriminate any reason
1 virus is impossible completely the formatting -.=
2 inside trash are too many are impossible to process the superior flowered software to use completely completely
3 systems did not suit hardware impossible before also used this system
4 idle model people talk too much
5th, possibly my rewiring time any establishment aspect question please big sun-dried shelled shrimp help -.=
Has mood Canadian ICQ to help -.=191176043
6th, the certain system bringing old software automatic promotion automatic promotion is causing trouble -.=
7th, if obviously the card question is the actuation name which and the address actuation question please accurate should install -.=
Thanks the collapse
1.inside the downloading thing has the virus, suggested that Caba Siji kills
2.obviously the card question, you inspect the obviously card are the motherboard integrate presently insert, if both have that which you want to use presently to insert to need the procedure which integrates the motherboard to switch off
3.returns to original state with the rain forest wind the C plate to try directly
4.the computer falls behind, this promotion hardware
5.inspection virtual memory, right key my computer, attribute, high-level, inside performance establishment virtual memory size generally for your computer memory 1.5 times, looked specifically other card, has says With the actuation demon, will give you to renew automatically, but may also the backup.

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