About WINDOWS XP (NTFS) system form

The system is WINDOWS XP the F plate is a NTFS form folder attribute is the XP establishment encryption attribute, as a result of my rewiring the system, in has entered in F plate’s that folder all pictures and the video frequency could not open, prompts refuses to visit, is unable to duplicate the migration, changed the attribute no matter also, asks the master to grant instruction.
It is said inextricability, because needs to use the original user to decipher, but said that the original name the user, the system regenerates one to be originally miniscule with the same user’s probability..That is because the NTFS form disk file system has carried on the EFS encryption to the document, if you before rewiring system does not have the backup original encryption document that user’s related certificate and the key, these documents are do not have the means to open temporarily.Even if reconstructs one with original same user, system generation SID impossible and the original user was entirely alike.Could not open.
Should not be discouraged, as soon as but also some final means may try, the f plate formatting, do not write the first plate, then uses to resume the formatted tool search, the copy comes out, perhaps may.
I have tried, but is not the encryption.

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