About ping order question???

Why do I first time open the ping order with the movement to be possible.Second time used the movement not to be able to open.Has tried very many times useless, good strange, why??? Which master asks to direct me, unusual thanks,
After the movement inputs CMD, inputs ping www..com – t to examine that once more ping value is whether stable, whether to block the flow, the ping value size, smaller is better, generally the 2MB band width is 40-50ms Possible ping www..com – t
– T made into – T already to use capital letter T.Request timed out this prompts the PING overtime, explained that you simply do not have PING to pass opposite party computer.Therefore its computer does not have any relations with you.The PING order biggest data packet value is 65500 bytes.Generally the computer will have the firewall, wants to use PING to order to attack others computer feeling to be not too realistic, basic will not have any effect.